Monday, March 9, 2020

Mixed Media

I've been painting with Arteza Real Brush Pens, Inktense pencils, Maimeri watercolors, Schmincke watercolors, gauche and Sharpies. Mixing them up and trying different things.

I want to try minimalist painting but I find I can't stop. I need to be more disciplined and plan ahead. That's hard for me to do with creating anything. I like to follow my muse.

These paintings have a little bit of everything in them.  It actually makes it more interesting to work in different mediums.

 I definitely got carried away with details on this woodpecker.

 This owl has a little looseness going on.

This chickadee is a combination of detail and some less defining brush strokes. 

Practice helps. There are so many variables with water based mediums. 

I need to do more research. You will find me on Pinterest! Talk about being disciplined. I can spend a day there easily!

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  1. Since I don't draw or paint, I'm not familiar with all the things you are using but these sure have turned out beautiful!


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