Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Sunday, April 5, 2015


New life! Eternity! Rebirth! Life is all about that this time of year! Here in the Mid Atlantic area of the US we are waiting for it with baited breath.  The winter coolness doesn't want to go away!  The daffodils and crocuses are coming up anyway!  Thankfully!

I have created something new too!  A scarab that I made was featured in a piece designed by Meg Mullen of Bead My Love in the February issue of Bead and Button.  I have had a great time with selling cabochons on Etsy and making them for Meg to sell at the bead shows.  It has been fascinating to see the response to the different colors of the beads.

I had a request from an Etsy customer to make a scarab bead into a pendant.  I worked on a few different ways to do that and came up with this! Just add a ribbon and you have a pendant!

Scarab Pendant Purple

The back has details too!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Princess Party

We are three friends who spend time together watching Downton Abbey.   We have had Downton Abbey marathons watching a season at a time to catch up.  One episode was a dinner party where the women were all wearing tiaras.  It made me want to wear a crown.  All of our lives we are treated to dreams of princesses... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Diana!  Well life isn't going to pass us by without having a little dream ourselves!

I decided to get tiaras for the three of us.  Amazon here I come! 

We wore them one of the days we were having a DA marathon.
Linda and Pat
Linda and Me
It was our turn to do some entertaining so I decided to have a Coronation Party!  It was so much fun to set the table for a formal dinner.
The tiaras were presented with roses for each of us!
Our husbands had the honor of crowning us!  With lots of smirking from them of course!
Princess Linda and John
Princess Pat and Scott
Princess Marian and Keith
Linda and Pat brought the cutest favors!
And the most beautiful flowers!

 It was so much fun! 
Live well, laugh often and love much!  That is what we did for Valentine's Day!
 Hope you enjoyed yours!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Cabs in My Etsy Shop

As seen in February Bead and Button magazine!
Stone Patina Scarab

Blue Bells

Bottom of the Sea

Long Face

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bead and Button Magazine!

My friend and business customer Meg Mullen owns the company Bead My Love.  Bead My Love sells supplies for bead embroidery and carries polymer cabochons made by me.  This summer Meg asked me to design a scarab cabochon for her.  She was designing a bead embroidery piece.  I will tell you that her work is stunningly gorgeous!  I was honored to do this design for her! She made me proud!  Not only does she do awesome bead design and bead work but she is a really sweet person. 

Scarab Kit
The Scarab Bead Embroidery Design by Meg Mullen

The bead embroidery piece (with my scarab cab)  and the tutorial designed by Meg is in the February 2015 issue of Bead and Button  magazine!  For those of us in the jewelry making business Bead and Button is one of the best publications in the industry. It is exciting for me to see my artwork and name in Bead and Button magazine!  I am also so proud of Meg and that her design is being showcased.

The scarab beetle is an ancient Egyptian symbol for "rebirth".   A perfect project for bringing in the New Year! If you are interested in making this project Bead My Love has the complete Bead and Button Scarab Design Kit on their website.  They also carry seed beads and have the smaller stone cabs that are in the project.  I have the scarab cabochons in my Etsy shop MsPlace.  

Thanks for stopping by and happy beading!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Drop Earrings

Loving the look of white clay with chalk and guilders paste.  Made these this week. 
 Green Drop Earrings
Had some fun wire wrapping too!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas week!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Shopping is So Much Fun

Shopping is so much fun!  I bought some new molds from MasterMolds on Etsy to use for polymer cabochons.  I think they are quite interesting!

I am still having fun with chalks and guilders paste!  So many colors and combinations! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A New Direction

Our lives  took a new direction this summer.  We have been campers for the last 20 years.  During that time we have had 10 different camping rigs. Number 10 has been lived in for the last four months as full time volunteer campground hosts at Trap Pond State Park in Laurel, DE.  Surprising to both of us we were very comfortable.  Amazing how much space you really need or don't need to be comfortable.

It has been quite an adventure and an awesome re-acquaintance with nature for my husband and I both.  Living in the woods and near a pond have been soul food for us.  The pond is the northern most natural bald cypress swamp in the US.  The cypress trees grow in the water and are quite beautiful.

I was also fascinated with the different kinds of mushrooms that we saw in the woods around the park.

I have no clue if they are safe to eat.  They were just so pretty to look at and they don't live for very long. The fall leaves and crisp air have also been a joy to experience.

 Delaware is most known for boardwalks and beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.  The secret gem of our state is Trap Pond State Park.  There are bike and hiking trails, a disc golf course, kayak and canoe rentals, and pontoon boat tours.  If you get over this way spending a day or a week at Trap Pond is worth it.  There are 148 camping sites, 8 cabins and 2 yurts.  There is also a beautiful Nature Center with interactive information and history of the area situated near a playground and picnic area.

I am having a hard time adjusting to the fact that winter is almost here.  Living in the motorhome makes me think it is still summer!  Hope you are having a great autumn... it feels more like winter here today!