Sunday, April 5, 2015


New life! Eternity! Rebirth! Life is all about that this time of year! Here in the Mid Atlantic area of the US we are waiting for it with baited breath.  The winter coolness doesn't want to go away!  The daffodils and crocuses are coming up anyway!  Thankfully!

I have created something new too!  A scarab that I made was featured in a piece designed by Meg Mullen of Bead My Love in the February issue of Bead and Button.  I have had a great time with selling cabochons on Etsy and making them for Meg to sell at the bead shows.  It has been fascinating to see the response to the different colors of the beads.

I had a request from an Etsy customer to make a scarab bead into a pendant.  I worked on a few different ways to do that and came up with this! Just add a ribbon and you have a pendant!

Scarab Pendant Purple

The back has details too!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Princess Party

We are three friends who spend time together watching Downton Abbey.   We have had Downton Abbey marathons watching a season at a time to catch up.  One episode was a dinner party where the women were all wearing tiaras.  It made me want to wear a crown.  All of our lives we are treated to dreams of princesses... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Diana!  Well life isn't going to pass us by without having a little dream ourselves!

I decided to get tiaras for the three of us.  Amazon here I come! 

We wore them one of the days we were having a DA marathon.
Linda and Pat
Linda and Me
It was our turn to do some entertaining so I decided to have a Coronation Party!  It was so much fun to set the table for a formal dinner.
The tiaras were presented with roses for each of us!
Our husbands had the honor of crowning us!  With lots of smirking from them of course!
Princess Linda and John
Princess Pat and Scott
Princess Marian and Keith
Linda and Pat brought the cutest favors!
And the most beautiful flowers!

 It was so much fun! 
Live well, laugh often and love much!  That is what we did for Valentine's Day!
 Hope you enjoyed yours!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Cabs in My Etsy Shop

As seen in February Bead and Button magazine!
Stone Patina Scarab

Blue Bells

Bottom of the Sea

Long Face