Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heads Up in Felt

Last Saturday I was invited to be part of a needle felting "Heads Up" class.   My friend Carol Messick of Flat Mountain Studio is an award winning and amazing doll artist. 

Our day started with looking at all of Carol's creations.  She makes dolls, animals and all kinds of amazing things out of needle felted wool from alpacas and sheep. 

Please check out the rest of her creations in her  Gallery of photos!

We decided to make a head like the one Carol is holding here called Aunt Grace.
After a few lessons on face and head anatomy we started our needle felted heads!


Her nose looks really big to start with.

There were three of us in the class and this is a picture of our noses.  We all decided that maybe we could actually do this!
Glasses help position the head and face anatomy! Somehow I am thinking I won't be having an Aunt Grace.  Looks more like  my brother Dave right now or my dad! So now we are all talking about our men we are making!

Gotta get some fat cheeks on there!

Definitely not a female so I made the eyebrows heavier! 

Well I'd say we have some gentlemen friends for Aunt Grace.  We all ended up with men doll heads not women! Carol did say they take on a personality of their own as you go.  And because this was our first "felted head" she wanted us to make them big to learn the concept.  She also said if we continue to condense the felt they could get more feminine.
I really enjoyed spending the day with other creative women!  If you are interested in taking a class check out Carol's website for more information about her classes.  Now to decide if I am going to make a body for him...  I think he needs a cap like this one:
What do you think?  I also need a name for him.  Any ideas?  I am thinking I may call him Henry.  That was my dads name and he makes me smile and think of him!