Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting With Paint

I love painted furniture. I am in awe of the artwork on carousels.  I wanted a piece that I could add a few colors to...

  I have been looking for a piece to refinish with paint for an entertainment center.   There is a second hand shop in Bridgeville, DE called The Church Mouse that has some awesome treasures.

I found this buffet in a mustard gold color.  It had seen better days but I liked the details on the piece.  I had visions of carousel colors!

I brought my DH with me to look at it.  We decided that he could make a shelf where the top drawer is for the components and game box.  So we bargained a little and loaded the piece in our SUV.  This was before Thanksgiving...
With the holidays upon us it sat in my studio just like you see in the picture.  After Christmas I got busy.  I sanded the sides and legs by hand.  (wish I would have wiped it down with lacquer thinner or sanded a bit more).  I turned it upside down and painted the legs and under parts first.  I decided to paint every nook and cranny because it did have that old furniture odor.
I took my time and let it dry a day or two between two coats of paint.  My DH took the drawer to square it up and reglue it for stability.  I got the paint at Lowes.  I did get the most expensive Valspar paint that they had. 
This color is a colonial green and has more of a yellow to than this picture is showing.
I also picked up some of the sample jars of Valspar paint to do the detail colors.
LaFonda Nightfall and Gas Light are the two colors shown here.
Churchill Hotel Wheat and Secluded Garden are the two colors shown here.
So do you have the carousel vision yet?
Here is a close up of the shelf that my DH made.  You can see that I did not paint the top yet.  We did the shelf after the upside down painting was done.  He also got out the sander and really sanded the top.  It had some chipped paint and water glass marks that were sanded out. 

Once I had everthing painted the base color of  Homestead Resort Olive and had let it dry for a few days I was finally ready to do the fun part!  I added the colors.  I didn't really have a plan but I am pleased with where my muse went!

This picture shows the detail before I added the antique glaze. 
After the detail colors dried again for a few days I used a black antique glaze on the whole piece.
I have done antique finishes on lots of wood paintings and furniture in years past.  This glaze was something new for me.  The directions said to wipe it on with a cloth.  I wanted the nooks and crannies to be dark so I brushed it all over and then wiped it with a cloth.  After the antiquing dried I added two coats of clear satin polyurethane.
My DH drilled some holes so we can hide the all of the wires.
This is inside the cabinet on the right.
This is inside the shelf on the top.
We still have to attach the cords to the back of the cabinet to get them out of sight.  I couldn't wait to show this you the finished piece even though the wires are still showing.
I am very happy with my carousel entertainment center!
I am linking to this Creative Inspirations Linky Party!  When I decided I was going to try some refinishing I searched Pinterest and found an awesome blog called Embracing Change!  Stacey does beautiful furniture makeovers and sounds like a really fun person!
Check it out here at  Embracing Change!
You will find all kinds of creative endeavors!
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  1. Wow, so nice. We have an old stereo console that I want to convert into a TV stand, you might have inspired me!

  2. Wonderful! You both did a great job ... I would love to have the room to bring home big pieces to paint, what fun!

  3. Great job of turning this piece into something that works for your component needs. Making electronics look good is not an easy project. I love the color choices you made. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. That piece has gorgeous details~ and I love the carousel vibe you created. Fantastic!

  5. This is fantastic! I want to see it in person, we need to get together for a fun day.


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