Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buttons and Beads

I have a huge stash of buttons.  All kinds of buttons.  I use them for the clasp on fiber neck pieces.  I decided that I also needed to use them for some jewelry.  Pairing a button with my new love of czech glass beads was easy.  I do have a question for the jewelry makers out there.

My question is how do you finish the back of a button that is wire wrapped like this one?

I also made some earrings to match!

I have worn the bracelet and it actually did not catch on anything.  I do think it needs to be finished on the back to keep the wire from catching on something.  Any ideas would be appreciated!
Have a great weekend!  M


  1. I don;t see how it would catch on anything.. it looks nice and flat to me. If you're worried though, you would always experiment with creating a leather backing, or maybe using resin or clay to seal over the wire? I don't do any of that,but I haven't used a button as a focal like that yet either.

  2. Marian-
    I have never wire-wrapped the buttons quite like that, so it is really hard for me to offer a suggestion. I have used buttons for a lot of things... In fact, I only have two things in my Etsy shop right now, and one of them is made with buttons:
    I like your wrap. It looks so pretty on the front! I'm with you- your button looks like it might not be really sturdy/strong/protected on the back. I'm not sure how to make it more secure, though.
    I have glued felt on the back of some of my wirework that needed protection & strength. That might work.
    I wish you good luck!

  3. I haven't used any buttons like this, but I'm thinking felt or resin if you wanted to finish the back. It is a great piece!

  4. I have that same issue with wondering how secure a wrap like that is yet have not come up with an acceptable solution yet so I often tend to steer clear of using them that way. It's a shame since I love both wire wrapping AND buttons. Here's hoping someone has a fab suggestion!

  5. You really don't have to finish it -- it LOOKS finished to me, honestly. But if you want, you could string tiny 3mm heishe or Czech beads or seed beads on the wire, or string a thin coil of wire on them.


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