Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lori Anderson's "Follow the Path" ebook

I purchased Lori Anderson's ebook "Follow the Path". It is encouraging and uplifting.  I have not blogged much lately because I have been uncertain about what blogging means to me.  I enjoy it and enjoy reading others blogs but I did not like the pressure of feeling like I have to post something... it does take time and that is something I don't manage well.

I have to say that her ebook has helped me really think about why I blog.  The creative process is important to me.  I love to share what I am currently working on.  I love to read about  and look at others creative pieces and processes.

Thanks Lori for your words of inspiration and encouragement. Lori's blog Pretty Things  was one of the first blogs I started reading.  It has kept my interest for the last few years and I have participated in the Bead Soup Blog Party which lead to making lots of online friends and a way to find other jewelry and handmade souls. Lori's blog is always fresh and different each day.  I love how she is able to share many intimate details of her life.  She makes alot of us feel like we are not alone with our struggles.  She also supports many others with her blog posts and give aways.

Check out her ebook on her blog here and get motivated to keep blogging or blog more about important matters of the heart!  It is easy to read and a resource to go back to again and again.  It will get you thinking and hopefully blogging... if that is what you want to do...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiration or Copying!?

I am spending way too much time on Pinterest!  I really enjoy looking at so many awesome and beautiful pieces of polymer clay.  I have recently pinned the following polymer clay bracelet from Pinterest.  It was made by Keila Hernandez and can be found on flickr by clicking on her name.

I am all about texture and color.  I love the "antiquing" that brings out the details of the leaves and flowers on these beads.  So I decided to make some similar beads.

Mine are a bit different in color and design but not much.  In my opinion I copied this design and would not call it an original.  Now I have kept creating with this style and have come up with these beads... not an exact copy but an inspired copy.

I used different colors of clay and different designs.

On these purple beads I used different designs and made designs on the front above and back below.

The following picture is of beads that I made a year ago long before I saw the first picture shown of Keila Hernandez' beads.  I have been using texture, antiquing and layering of clay since I started working with polymer.

The inspiration for these beads came from looking at Christi Friesen's work.  Not a copy but definitely inspired by looking at her creations.  The first polymer book that I purchased was one of Christi's books.

I asked Keila for permission to use her beads in my blog as I talked about copying and inspiration.  She gave me permission to do so but said that the idea of those beads came from Barb Fajardo on Flickr.  Barb made a similar bead in 2007 with a swirl lentil bead.
My question is... what is my original work?  I am not mass producing or trying to win any contests with these as "original designs" and I wouldn't enter them as originals but it raises a question in my mind. What is a copy and what is an original idea? What is your opinion?  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaf Angels

Last year I made a leaf angel with a foil base and polymer.  She has been hanging in my studio overlooking the coming and going of all of us.  We use the door in my studio as our main entrance.  I have had a few people want to buy her but I didn't want to part with her.  I kept thinking I would make more angels someday and wanted her there as a reminder of what I did.

Here she is watching over us as we come and go!

I have a special order for a leaf angel in turquoise, blues and greens so I have been working on a few different ones.  I worked on sculpting a face but didn't keep any of them.  I have a simple design that works for now.  These are the two Leaf Angels that I have made in turquoise...

This one is holding a nest with a blue egg in it and the sign is hanging from her arms.

This one is a little smaller and has a sign around her skirt.

I can see from taking pictures that they both need shorter hair.  That is easily fixed.  I really do need to come up with a better face.  For me it will have to wait.  I think I am ADD when it comes to creating.  I don't like to do the same thing over and over again. 

It is so nice out today!  Happy Spring!