Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been thinking about my word for the 2012 year.  I wanted it to be something positive and forward moving.  I love the philosophy of thinking yourself into what you want to have happen in your life... but I am a bit pragmatic. 

I have been reminded through situations in my life that I am already blessed beyond measure and that there is little that I should want to change.  I work in a church office and we often have people come in asking for help.   I don't directly deal with most of the folks but I do hear the conversations that take place.  There is a fine line between helping someone, enabling someone, and just plain being taken advantage of by someone.  It takes loving discernment to recognize what someone truly needs.   One conversation I overheard was that if a young woman did not get money to pay her electric bill she was thinking about prostituting herself.... I was sick to my stomach and get sick just thinking about it... she was serious. 

Our pastor in his wisdom always reminds us that we cannot fill every need and will never be able to... we do have a Thrift Shop and a Food Closet in our church and we also have connections to resources to get financial help to those in need.  So we do offer alot to the people that ask for help.

As I was thinking about my word for the year and the path that I would like to take I realized that I need to look back and not just forward. So I have my word for this year..."blessings".  I have been so blessed.  With all of the media advertising in front of us it is easy to focus on what we don't have... so I am going to be very purposeful and think about what I do have.  I am going to focus on the positive things that have happened in my life, all of the awesome people in my life, and all of the wonderful "things" that I already have!  I found this quote on Pinterest by Jamie Mitchell.  I think it sums it all up!

I wish for blessings in 2012 for all of you my blog friends and most of all that you will find lots of  "truth, beauty and quiet joy"!


  1. Nice post, I think we all need to stop occasionally and think about what we do have...thank you for the timely reminder.

  2. It's sad reading a story like this. Especially when the people who really need help are usually quiet and dignified and don't whine.


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