Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Screen Catchers

I had seen "screen bugs"  made out of the glass pebbles that you can buy in bags and came up with an idea for my "screen catcher" dragonflies.  Kind of a cross between a "screen bug" and a "sun catcher". Remember the stained glass sun catchers anyone?

Anyway we were having our Friday Bead Friends day at my house and a friend saw some of my screen catcher dragonflies and had to have some for Christmas gifts.  Their legs wrap around your screen and they look awesome when the sun reflects off of the crystals!

I use swarovski crystals so they really sparkle in the sun.

.. and from the front...

Blues and greens are my favorites!

They are a happy thing to look at especially out of your kitchen window!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Repurposed with Love

As I went through the boxes my son brought home from the end of his four years as a Midshipman at the Naval Academy I came accross his work uniforms.  I asked him if he wanted to keep them and he said no... the uniforms had his name and ID on them so I couldn't give them away.  I looked at the buttons and each button had an anchor on it.  I just couldn't throw them away. (...that is a problem for me...  at least I did something with them!)

I decided to make some jewelry from them for his favorite girl in the whole world!  He wore those buttons through lots of hard work and I knew she would appreciate them. 

I made an elastic chain bracelet and hung lots of buttons on it.  I also added their initials and a few heart and "love" charms.  The "love" charms are appropriate because that is what he calls her..."love"!

I also made some earrings from the buttons and charms.  They are not the same... drives some people crazy but I think it makes life interesting when things don't match!

One has a heart charm...

The other has a "love"charm...( it has "love" stamped on it really... sorry I didn't get that part in the picture)

She loved them and looks lovely wearing them.  We called the bracelet her "hoo-ray" bracelet.  That is a Marine thing.  It makes noise when she moves!

I am a happy momma knowing that someone else loves my boy as much as I do!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!