Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seasons Favorites

I have to say that fall is my favorite season.  Not sure why because I really don't like winter which comes right after fall.  I sure don't miss the snow and cold of Western Pennsylvania.  We get some winter in Delaware but not so much.  I enjoy the change of seasons and I love the colors of fall.  I suppose I always liked school too so maybe that is why fall is my favorite time of year.
I have been busy in my studio getting some fall jewelry finished.  I made some polymer beads in fall colors and shapes.  My favorite is this blackberry bead!

I put them on a neckpiece and  some  bracelets.... so warm and juicy!

Harvest Owl

I also included a kumihimo braid on this piece. 

The kumihimo braid is really fun and quick to do. 

Harvest Gathering

This bracelet is a chain with elastic through it.  It really swishes around with all of the dangles on it!

Seeds of Glory

These beads are strung on memory wire which always works well to display fun beads!
Happy Fall!  Enjoy the smell of cinnamon and apples and getting out your warm cozy clothes for the months to come!


  1. I love all your litte dangles..the blackberry, pear and acorn are adorable. You have indeed been busy! Beautiful.

  2. Fall is also my favorite season, it's funny but it seems as though most people enjoy fall. Those pieces you did are beautiful and fun.

  3. I love fall and your pieces capture the season perfectly!

  4. I love Fall, too. The cooler weather brings out my nesting instinct. :)

    I love your fruit beads! The pears and the acorn are my favorite. Really like your seeds of glory bracelet!

  5. Count me in as a Fall lover, too! and I agree about not loving Winter ~ but I sure love these new pieces, so gorgeous and so much fun!

  6. These pieces are so fun and so fall!!! I agree with you about the seasons. Fall is beautiful and I love the autumn air. But winter? Yuck! Enjoy the rest of this pleasant seasons and all it has to offer! ~Val


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