Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kumihimo Fun

I went to a Bead Show this summer and came accross something new to me...  Kumihimo braiding.

I found this at Linda MacMillan's Oak Grove Studio booth.   My friend Mary Lee was looking at the goodies in her booth and I was looking for Mary Lee so I stopped for a minute as Linda was demonstrating how easy it was to braid with a Kumihimo disk.   I thought it looked interesting because I like to have something easy and mindless to do in the evenings while watching television.  I have three dogs who want to be in my chair with me so I can't work on anything too complicated.  My mind is also about mush by then so I really don't want to have to count something...

I have been pleasantly surprised with this!  The first braid I made was with fibers that came with the Kumihimo kit that I purchased from Linda.  I used it in a neckpiece that I did for fall.  You can see it here intertwined in beads and fiber wrapped cord.

I also purchased a kit to make a beaded bracelet using the Kumihimo disk.  I love it!  I did have to count the beads when I set up the disk but didn't have to worry about counting anything after I had it set up!

Here is the bracelet I made.

So now that I have the hang of it I have been trying some other fiber combinations.  So fun!

This one is made with a multi colored yarn.

This one is made with the same yarn and with another similar yarn in a different color.

So then I got creative and added a silk frayed ribbon and some fuzzy yarn to the mix.  It actually makes a spiral when you use a different thickness of fiber.

Here is a photo of the three braids.

They are about a 1/2 inch in diameter.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet but I really enjoyed making them.   To learn more about Oak Grove Studio check out her web page.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

ABS October Challenge

I love the artwork for this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge!  The picture is fun and interesting.  I know that many of you do not like the literal interpretation of these so much but I work with polymer which so lends itself to being literal.  So like it or not I joined in the challenge this month.  I enjoyed making the polymer hedgehog the most.  So here is my interpretation of "A Hedgehog in a Landscape ".

The painting was done by Giovanna Garzoni who was one of the first female artists to do still life paintings.  She lived from 1600 to 1670 and painted this picture sometime between 1643 and 1651... certainly along time ago!

So I got the hedgehog, the acorns and the snail in there.  I used metal leaves from a recycled necklace.  I also get my fiber from the thrift store usually so this piece is a little bit "green"!

I finished the back with a wooden bead for my Hedgehog in a Landscape neckpiece.

Hope you have a great Thursday!  And check out the other entries at the flickr site for the ABS monthly Challenge!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seasons Favorites

I have to say that fall is my favorite season.  Not sure why because I really don't like winter which comes right after fall.  I sure don't miss the snow and cold of Western Pennsylvania.  We get some winter in Delaware but not so much.  I enjoy the change of seasons and I love the colors of fall.  I suppose I always liked school too so maybe that is why fall is my favorite time of year.
I have been busy in my studio getting some fall jewelry finished.  I made some polymer beads in fall colors and shapes.  My favorite is this blackberry bead!

I put them on a neckpiece and  some  bracelets.... so warm and juicy!

Harvest Owl

I also included a kumihimo braid on this piece. 

The kumihimo braid is really fun and quick to do. 

Harvest Gathering

This bracelet is a chain with elastic through it.  It really swishes around with all of the dangles on it!

Seeds of Glory

These beads are strung on memory wire which always works well to display fun beads!
Happy Fall!  Enjoy the smell of cinnamon and apples and getting out your warm cozy clothes for the months to come!