Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party Today!

Melissa Mesera sent me some beautiful lampwork beads... so pretty.  She called them "Starry Night" beads which is a perfect name for them.  They are mostly dark blue and silver but there is a streak of green through the beads too.  I was able to make three pieces from the beads that she sent to me.  The first piece that I made was in a style that I have been doing alot of... I know we are supposed to be stretching ourselves and doing something different but I started with a process that speaks to me and then I branched out a bit and made a bracelet that was a totally different from any I have made so far.

The neckpiece I made using fiber wrapped cord with a wire of beads entwined through it.  The green color of the beads is brought out by the lighter fiber that I used.  I just love this "Starry Night" piece!
Aren't these beads beautiful!

I then made some earrings from the beads as well.  They are simple but will compliment the neckpiece beautifully.

Then I got brave and started working with the rest of the beads to make a bracelet that does not have any fiber in it!!!  I used the beautiful clasp that Melissa sent me on the bracelet.  I am getting better at wire wrapping so I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  My 26 year old daughter liked it too.... for her to say that she would wear this bracelet made my day!

Thank you so much Melissa!  I really enjoyed looking at the beads while I worked with them.  They are mesmerizing and so interesting!  You can visit Melissa's blog here.  Her Etsy shop is  one-eared pig beads.  She has some beautiful jewelry in her shop.

To see what everyone else has done check out the list  at Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party .  Thank you for stopping by and joining the party!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party... I am ready!

It seems that life has pockets of busyness... mine has had a deep one the past few weeks!

 I am one to procrastinate and think that I can finish most tasks in half of the time it really takes to do them...  always ready to pull my hair out at the last minute!  So I am learning to work on projects a bit at a time to keep moving forward with them... and I was successful with this one!

I am ready for the Bead Soup Blog Party this Saturday! I finished working with the beautiful soup that my partner Melissa Mesara sent me.  Her blog is one-eared pig!  

 As it turns out my kids are coming home, we are going camping and I am missing an Art Show and a dinner party on Saturday.  Thanks to technology I  have my blog ready and scheduled to post on Saturday morning.  I won't be able to blog hop much until Sunday evening though.  I am so looking forward to perusing all of the creativity out there!

This is really a fun project! Again thanks to Lori Anderson for hosting this party!  There are over  350 participants from all over the world!  Check it out starting this Saturday.  There will be links to the lists of the blog participants on everyones blog.  Happy Thursday!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

TADA 365 Letters of Adornment

I post my work on Flickr and have joined the TADA365 group.  TADA stands for Totally Addicted to Daily Art.    We have joined together to do a "Letters of Adornment" art jewelry show.  I had the letters "F" and "G".  The reveal date of the show is September 19th and the website is TADA365.

The TADA365 flickr site is worth looking at... You will see a broad selection of creative pieces as you peruse this groups work.

My first piece is for the letter "F".... Flora, Fauna, Fantasy.

The idea for this piece came from a vision of a magical forest and the beings that might live there.  It has been fun working on this piece!  Hope you have a great weekend! 

BSBP coming soon!