Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun with "Man Tools"!

Not really man tools but Harbor Freight is definitely one of my hubby's favorite stores.  He walks up and down every aisle very slowly... just like I do at the craft stores... you never know what you might find that you might be able to use - especially when making polymer beads.

I found this carving set at Harbor Freight.  It was inexpensive and I thought the tools would be fun to use on polymer beads for texture. 

Some of the points are a little sharp so be careful if you purchase a set of these.  I had fun making these beads with the carving tools.

  I also got some brass and aluminum tubing in round and square at the "man store" hobby know where they sell boats, planes, trains and helicopter parts... 

They make great little squares, circles and petals in the clay.  I do the texturing before they are baked then dust them with some mica powders... I named this set "ninja"... the big bead looks like a ninja face to me!  If I have to shop with my hubby I make the most of it... and try to think out of the box!  An interesting find is that these tools cost less than those made specifically for polymer clay design work.  That is always good!


  1. I had my first experience with Harbor Freight while on vacation. I visited with my father in law. Totally rocked! Love the beads!!

  2. These are awesome! They look so much more useful that the ones you can get for polymer clay at the craft stores. You did amazing things with them, too. I'll have to look into these---I love carving. :D Thanks so much for the brilliant product review! You're fabulous at thinking outside the box. :3

  3. Hardware stores can be very nearly as much fun as a good craft store (bead stores still win out)! Fortunately or unfortunately I don't live close to a Harbor Freight.

    I love the beads you carved - did you make molds, or were those all originals?

  4. Wow! Cool!
    Thanks for sharing, that's wonderful! :)


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