Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Friday, March 11, 2011

There is a time for every season!

I have been busy with life. We went to White Plains, NY to the WRAM show for my husbands hobby/business. I spent 4 days with lots of mostly geeky boys and men who play with RC planes and helicopters. Now keep in mind my hubby would have some adjective to describe me and my beading buddies... so don't take that geeky word as an insult. Anyone in that hobby has to be fairly intelligent to make it all work. There was actually a booth there that had some jewelry for sale. Next year I am taking some of mine if we go. There were lots of women tagging along and the men were spending fairly sizeable dollars so I think I would have lots going for me if someone really likes what I have for sale!
He actually won first place with this UH1 Helicopter!

Anyway after the show weekend we had all of our kids home! Yeah! It was my birthday weekend so I enjoyed spending time with everyone.

These are my birthday flowers! I love tulips and can't wait for Spring!
The only problem with all of that is that I had no time to blog or do much with my artwork. I work part time but seem to get consumed by it. How do you handle your time? I am tired and not creative in the evenings it seems. I did read that someone conditions clay while watching TV in the evenings. I might try that. I do some fiber wrapping in the evenings but I really struggle to be productive after five o'clock.

So I can share some of the fibre pieces that I started. I haven't added beads yet but I think they will be fun for Spring and Summer pieces.

I have some great turquoise and black beads to finish this one!

The colors are so soft and pretty in this piece.

I have started a bead that will go with it. I want to white wash the bead and need to drill a hole in it. The color matches well. The bead is made from a bird in a cookie mold. Very Springy!

Have a great weekend! Yours truly! M


  1. Very Happy Birthday wishes Marian! I can totally relate on the evening situation. Pretty much by 4:30, my beading opportunity is gone. My eyes and brain are too tired after supper, baths and bedtimes to be productive.
    I adore the turquoise and black necklace. Can't wait to see the finished product! Someday you'll have to tell me how you do that. But not right now, I don't need any new projects! :)

  2. What beautiful birthday flowers--tulips are my absolute favorites. Every time I see your jewelry, I get the itch to try that. Do you recommend any books or resources to start working with fibers?

  3. Glad you had such a lovely weekend with your family. I love how you used a cookie cutter to make that penadant, very creative idea. I can so totally relate to not having enough energy in the evening to start creating, however I do find if you actually DO start, you then are o.k- a bit like doing exercise really, groan!


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