Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Party in Turquoise Continues...

I really love all shades of blue green.... from aqua, to teal to turquoise!  I have been working in my studio on summer items and I keep going back to the turquoise beads and fibers...

Invited to the Party

A Party in Turquoise Bangle

and earrings to match!

I have also opened an M's Place Art Fire shop!  I have listed these as the first few items in the shop!  Check it out here!  I would love to hear your take on the difference between Etsy and Artfire. 


  1. I love these pieces! The necklace is gorgeous. Turquoise really makes me think of summer!!! ~Val

  2. The colors are so vibrant! I hear that blues and blue-greens are really in for the spring, so you've got your thumb on the pulse of fashion right here. ;) I adore the earrings especially, but the bangle and necklace on top are nice as well. It reminds me of the sea, too. :D

  3. I am interested in the difference between the Artfire and Etsy as well. I have been wanting to open an online store -that is one of my next goals.


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