Monday, March 28, 2011

A Party in Turquoise Continues...

I really love all shades of blue green.... from aqua, to teal to turquoise!  I have been working in my studio on summer items and I keep going back to the turquoise beads and fibers...

Invited to the Party

A Party in Turquoise Bangle

and earrings to match!

I have also opened an M's Place Art Fire shop!  I have listed these as the first few items in the shop!  Check it out here!  I would love to hear your take on the difference between Etsy and Artfire. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Party in Turquoise

I finished the neckpiece that I blogged about  here.  It is a fun piece.  I love how light weight these pieces are even though they make quite a statement.  I just listed the set in my Etsy shop.  I also made a bracelet to match.
It was more comfortable to wear than I thought it would be.  I think because it is light weight and it doesn't dangle.

So if you are looking for something fun for Spring or Summer check it out at MsPlace.

Yours truly,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nave Nave Moe

I was really drawn to the artwork for the March Art Bead Scene challenge.

The name of this painting is Nave Nave Moe (Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams) and it was painted by Paul Gauguin in 1894.  I love the colors in this painting!  I decided to make something for this challenge.   I made some polymer beads.  I have been playing with some macrame and I love to upcycle stuff from the Thrift Store... so I worked some old seam binding that I found there into a neckpiece.  I wired some beads and put it all together for the March Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge.

Color Me Tahiti 
 I had fun making the faces and putting it all together!  I have been really drawn to bright colors lately... must be the changing seasons that has me going there!  You should check out all of the entries on flickr.  There are really some great pieces of wearable art inspired by a great piece of wall art!
Yours truly,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Beads!

I always want to try new techniques. I like to try things but if it takes too much to get a piece finished I probably won't try it again. I am not Attention Deficit but the process cannot take more time than the creative part of the project. Being creative really is soul food for me.

I decided to work with alcohol inks and translucent and pearl clay. Here are the beads I created with blue and violet ink. By the way this is a really messy process and my hands were stained for a few days. I wore latex gloves the second time I worked with it but it is more fun with my bare hands!

I also did some with blue and green inks.

They really look like marble. There is a point in mixing that the swirls of ink are just right for the marble effect. This was fun! Even though it was messy I will try this again. Now to come up with a design to use the beads!  I am thinking I might make some denim fabric beads..

Yours truly,


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Seek Beauty

I have a little book called God Calling.  It is written by Two Listeners and edited by AJ Russell.  It has short chapters or daily writings of two struggling women in England who pray together and share the message God has given them.  Soul food!  I want to share a chapter with you about creation and the world we live in from their writing of what God spoke to them.
Draw Beauty from every flower and Joy from the song of the birds, and the color of the flowers. I am with you.  When I wanted to express a beautiful thought, I made a lovely flower.  When I want to express to man what I am - what My Father is - I strive to make a very beautiful character.

Think of yourselves as My expression of attributes, as a lovely flower is my expression of thought, and you will strive in all, in Spirtiual beauty, in Thought--power, in Health, in clothing, to be as fit an expression for Me as you can.

Absorb Beauty.  As soon as the beauty of a flower or a tree is impressed upon your soul it leaves an image there which reflects through your actions.  Remember that no thought of sin and suffering, of the approaching scorn and Crucifixion, ever prevented My seeing the beauty of the flowers.

Look for beauty and joy in the world around.  Look at a flower until its beauty becomes part of your very soul.  It will be given back to the world again by you in the form of a smile or a loving word.

Lissten to a bird.  Take the song as a message from My Father.  Let it sink into your soul.  That too will be given back to the world in ways I have said.  Laugh more, laugh often.  Love more. I am with you.  I am your Lord.

Enjoy the beauties of Spring.  Let them sink into your soul and come out in your life, in your relationships and in what you create!  Yours truly,  M

Monday, March 14, 2011

Color Mixes and Pearl Ex Powders

I really do make one of a kind polymer pieces. I do not measure the colors that I combine to come up with new colors. I was going to use some scrap clay to make a mold and I really liked the color that I ended up with so I made some leaves! I previously posted about a bumble bee neckpiece that I made for my friend Barbara. See the post here.

I had a handful of yellow and black scrap clay left from that project. When I mixed the yellow and black together I ended up with a dark olive green color that I really like.  I made some leaves and used different pearl ex powders on them.

I also made some flowers and other beads from picture frame molds that I had made.

I think this mix will make a pretty Spring neckpiece!  I need to find some fibers in the right colors!

Only a few more days until it is officially spring.  I have some really tiny daffodils in my back yard so I picked them!

Hope you have a great day!  Yours truly, M.

Friday, March 11, 2011

There is a time for every season!

I have been busy with life. We went to White Plains, NY to the WRAM show for my husbands hobby/business. I spent 4 days with lots of mostly geeky boys and men who play with RC planes and helicopters. Now keep in mind my hubby would have some adjective to describe me and my beading buddies... so don't take that geeky word as an insult. Anyone in that hobby has to be fairly intelligent to make it all work. There was actually a booth there that had some jewelry for sale. Next year I am taking some of mine if we go. There were lots of women tagging along and the men were spending fairly sizeable dollars so I think I would have lots going for me if someone really likes what I have for sale!
He actually won first place with this UH1 Helicopter!

Anyway after the show weekend we had all of our kids home! Yeah! It was my birthday weekend so I enjoyed spending time with everyone.

These are my birthday flowers! I love tulips and can't wait for Spring!
The only problem with all of that is that I had no time to blog or do much with my artwork. I work part time but seem to get consumed by it. How do you handle your time? I am tired and not creative in the evenings it seems. I did read that someone conditions clay while watching TV in the evenings. I might try that. I do some fiber wrapping in the evenings but I really struggle to be productive after five o'clock.

So I can share some of the fibre pieces that I started. I haven't added beads yet but I think they will be fun for Spring and Summer pieces.

I have some great turquoise and black beads to finish this one!

The colors are so soft and pretty in this piece.

I have started a bead that will go with it. I want to white wash the bead and need to drill a hole in it. The color matches well. The bead is made from a bird in a cookie mold. Very Springy!

Have a great weekend! Yours truly! M