Saturday, February 5, 2011

Studio Time

Finally had some time today to work in my studio... I have a show next Saturday so I needed to get some work done!  What sells first at most shows for me are mixed media neckpieces that I make from fiber wrapped cord and beads.  The problem with showing you on here is that the photos don't seem to give the pieces justice.  I thought I would share some of them with you anyway.  These are bold pieces and almost wear like a scarf because they are rather grand. 

This piece includes the focal bead that was in my Back to Clay blog.

I did a few close up photos of the left side...

and the right side...

I have also done this piece from some Fiber Embellishment cards that I bought from an Etsy shop called bluehollow.  She has a great selection of mixed yarns on cards.

This is the piece that I did....

Here is a close up of the left side...

Here is a close up of the right side...

 These pieces are ecletic but fun and definitely unusual.  They are also light weight even though they are quite grand.  They are one of a kind wearable art pieces!


  1. wow and I thought I liked stuff that was wild. This is a very eye catching piece. You are one talented lady! Great job and I hope you sell Out.

  2. Very interesting fun necklace. Hope you have a good show.

  3. Hi Marian, Though this is not the type of jewelry I make or wear myself, it's exactly the sort of thing that stops me dead in my tracks at craft shows and leads me to a nice chat with the creator. Wearable art pieces indeed! I hope you sold several of these at your Milton show.

  4. These are amazing! I especially love the bird one. They both have great color schemes, but I am partial to blue. :D Wonderful, wonderful stuff! And you're right, they are one of a kind wearable art piece. :) I could totally imagine these on display in an art gallery somewhere.


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