Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Bee for Barbara

I was asked to make a neckpiece for my friend Barbara.   She is very creative and sells her wares at the local shows.  I met her at a local show and she purchased a few pieces from me for herself and for gifts.  She wanted a piece that had a bumble bee on it designed in black and yellow. Of course I said that I would make this piece for her.  I thought it would be easy since a bumble bee is fairly simple... hmmmm... I made at least 15 bees before I was happy with one... each one a little different.  It wasn't so easy!  The first ones were just too big like they were from another world.  The others just didn't look right.  Hard to explain.  I wanted it to be cute but not too cutesy if that makes sense. So today I finally put the neckpiece together.

I think the bee is cute... but still not too cutesy!

I made yellow and black striped beads to wrap around the yarn covered rope.  They aren't bees but kind of look like bees.  I also made a clasp with a yellow and black striped bead. 

So this piece is not something usual for me to do but I enjoyed doing it.  Getting out of my box is a good thing!  Speaking of getting out of my box... the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal day is coming soon!  February 26th. Again something different for me but I really had fun making it and my Friday Bead Friends love it! Check back on the 26th and I will have a list of all 210 Bead Soup Blog Party participants with their links so you can see what everyone did!


  1. Not only is the bee great, but the rest of the necklace is awesome! Great job!

  2. I love it! The antennaes are so neat! ~Val

  3. I'm so excited about tomorrow! Can't wait to see what you did. :3

    This necklace is adorable, by the way. I've been looking at your recent pictures of work with fiber elements, and it all looks fantastic! This is my favorite, though. I love the color combination. Very cute! ^__^


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