Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Painting

I have not done a watercolor painting for over a year.  My son asked if I would paint a picture of the 18th hole of the Congressional Country Club for a gift for one of his sponsors.  I am not a golfer or familiar with that Club or the 18th hole there.  I said yes that I would of course... hard to say no to your kids.  Especially when they work hard and are doing their best.  I received an email from his roommate with a few pictures of the scene they want me to paint.   Yikes!  The 18th hole includes the Club House in the background.  Not impossible... but I only have til the 7th of January to get it finished and matted and framed.
So I thought I would blog about this journey.  It felt good to get the watercolor paper out and look at my paints again.  Some artists may want to trace something like this because it isn't for sale as an original and a true likeness is what we are after.  I don't like to do that but will if I am not happy with the building part of it.  I have it drawn and have started the first layer of color.  I may trace the building that I have drawn so I can redo it if I am not happy with the painting as I go.  I didn't use a ruler so the perspective and straightness is as good as I can do with my hand-eye cooridination.

Here is one of the pictures that I am working from.  This looks like an acrylic painting.  It was painted by William Mangum from North Carolina and is available to purchase on his web site as a print.

The next picture I am using is from a photo from June of 2007.

View Image

The building is very pretty and has a lot of detail. The painting by William Mangum is beautiful and intimidating.  This is how far I have gotten.  It takes several layers of paint for it to start to look better... so give me a day or two and I will share how it is going.

The drawing is ok.  I think it will come together as I get more paint on it.  I need to get busy!

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