Beads, beads, beads...

Beads, beads, beads...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Afternoon

This was a busy week for me.  I work part time as an accountant... I know creative and accountant don't seem to go together.  We got two new family members Bella and Bashful.  I taught my fiirst polymer clay class. ...and I spent my Friday afternoon with my new group of beading friends. I need to come up with a name for our group if anyone has any ideas.  So the new family members are two puppies.  They are adorable but I am running out of papertowels and patience... whew!  I forgot how much time it takes.  Thankfully my daughter Tiffany still lives at home.  She has been a big help with the new babies.  And they are sooo cute and sweet.

This is Bella, Bashful Tiffany and Baby.  Baby is 12 years old and not too happy about her new sisters.  She is getting used to them.  They are Havanese puppies and very sweet and peaceful.

My first polymer clay class went well.  I had four students.  The class lasted about one hour and forty five minutes.  I planned on two hours.  Everyone went home with a finished pendant.  I will do some things differently the next time.  I did not do an overview of the process before we started so I think some got ahead of me a bit.  I would have liked to work with each one individually more than I did.  I am not sure if three students would have made that difference or if I should have asked them to wait between each step.  I am going to follow up with them with some specific questions.  They all seemed pleased with their pendants ...and they had some techiniques that they are interested in trying in future classes.

So my Friday afternoon with my new friends was spent in Milford, Delaware. First we spent some time at the Mispillion Art League.  Wow! They have two galleries, a huge classroom and studio spaces for artists to rent.  Accross the street from the Art Gallery is the Riverfront Theatre.  Downtown Milford is very pretty and interesting.  I wish I lived closer!  We had a lovely lunch at the Georgia House restaurant to finish our afternoon together.  It is so much fun to have friends that share your passions!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, sounds like you have your hands full. Hope you have some time to rest and relax this weekend.

  2. Those puppies are so cute. I have had great pressure to get a new dog since my miniature schnauzers companion died a few years ago. I just couldn't face the inevitable accidents! So I applaud you, it is hard work! Glad the class was a success, and hopefully more to come..

  3. Glad to hear that your class went well...Many students will work at their own pace. When I teach my stitching classes...everyone starts at the same place, but some work faster than others.

    Bead Happy!

    PS...I also do the math thing--I'm the ar/ap person part time for a small local factory in addition to running my bead shop. Whew! Long hours!


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