Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding My Way

Here I am finding my way.  Wanting to share my thoughts and passions with other kindred spirits.  I love to create and I work with polymer clay at the moment.  I have painted for many years on wood and paper and glass and metal and whatever.  Did you know that you can paint polymer clay?  I haven't gone there too much yet.  It kind of seems to miss the point for me.  Polymer comes in such beautiful colors why would you want to paint it?  But then I see some beautiful creations where an artist has added some paint to make a polymer treasure that is more beautiful because of it. I have used it to accent a focal bead that has been stamped into the clay.  It makes these beads look a bit more rustic don't you think?

This is my Partridge in a Pear Tree bracelet.  A few birds and a leaf and a pear.  The leaf came from a cookie mold that was a tail on a squirrel.  Now that is creative right!  It looks like a pine branch to me!                             


What I love about the cookie mold is that I found it at the Thrift Store... actually the one in Berryville, VA.  We were helping my daughter set up her first classroom as a new teacher in a new town.  I love Thrift Stores so I had to check it out.  I found this treasure that I have repurposed.  Don't worry I won't use it for cookies.  There are some great birds and other animals on it though.  Something to think about and a keepsake of a special weekend.